Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Carbon oven portable?

Yes, Carbon ovens can be used for beach days, camping trips, catering events, or anywhere you like. Carbon features retractable legs for ease of storage and portability.

How much does the Carbon oven weigh?

Carbon oven weighs just 45lbs.

How long does it take to heat up?

Carbon is equipped with two heat sources. One main torch located in the back, and one underneath the stone floor. The oven reaches temperatures of 950ºF in under 10 minutes.

Can this oven be used for catering?

Yes, it’s designed with a burner under the floor to keep the oven hot and always at temperature. Capable of evenly cooking 12-inch pizzas in under 2 minutes.

Can you use the Carbon oven indoors?

No, due to high temperatures and smoke output it’s recommended for outdoor use only.

Is the oven insulated?

Yes, it’s constructed of durable carbon steel and 1” of insulation for ultimate heat retention.

Can I use wood as a fuel source?

No, the Carbon oven is designed for use with propane and natural gas.